It was a new restoration campaign that was completed in July 2022. 17 paintings and graphic arts were treated in Margherita Segala’s workshop.

The MHAB team went to Margherita Segala’s workshop to see the works undergoing restoration. Few museums have an in-house restoration workshop. The works are therefore taken in charge by the restorers and treated in the workshop. The museum’s 2021 collection survey provided a diagnosis of the collection’s state of conservation. A multi-year restoration program has been set up based on this diagnosis. This is the second campaign of this program.

A look back at the works undergoing restoration.

Removal of the pictorial layer.
Research of old restorations with blue light on the work of Dominique Offand, The Clock Tower (Oil on canvas).
Restoration equipment for graphic arts.
Restoration of Two Towers on a Hill (watercolor on paper), Anatole Devarenne.