A unique visit

At the MHAB, augmented reality is put at the service of History. For the first time, a French museum is offering a permanent exhibition entirely designed around its collections and augmented reality. With a collection of art dating from the end of the 19th century to the present day and a local historical collection, the Bormes museum offers an immersive journey into the heart of the city’s 2400 year history.

Using the HistoPad tablet, travel through the eras and discover the strikingly realistic reconstructions, made by the company Histovery. The Histopad, a touchscreen tablet, is given to each visitor upon entry to browse the permanent exhibition, presented in the upper levels of the museum. Each station, a real window on a period or an event, is the result of a collaboration between the museum’s teams, the Histovery company and specialists in the various periods covered.

A unique visit in augmented reality at the MHAB-Musée d’Histoire et d’Art de Bormes les Mimosas

Room 1

-50 BC – 15th century: From the primitive village to the first seigneuries

The journey through time begins at the origins of Bormes, in the heart of an ancient oppidum from the first century BC. The cultural tour continues with an immersion in the daily life of the Middle Ages at the time of the Lords of Fos and the plague.

Bormes saved from the plague

Room 2

18th – 20th century: Bormes facing the challenges of the world, between creation and the quest for escape

Passing through the passageway, one discovers the history of the museum and its building by visualizing each stage of its history, its multiple developments and thus the path taken since the 17th century.

In the room on the first floor, the modern times are at the heart of an eventful period made of naval combat against the English and of journeys to the end of the world with two heroes and Borman privateers.

Moving forward in time, we discover the passage of Bormes to modern life with the development of winter tourism, the birth of infrastructures, fruits of the industrial revolution and the arrival of artists who find in Bormes a light, an inspiration and landscapes conducive to creation. The end of the 19th century saw the renewal of the landscape genre. The exhibition illustrates the multiple sensibilities of the painters who came to create on the Var coast. From the work of the divisionist painter Henri-Edmond Cross, to the more classical work of Jean-Charles Cazin.

Bataille navale - 10 juillet 1804
Naval battle – July 10, 1804

Room 3

From 1944 to today, the liberated city becomes an enchanting destination for presidents

On the top floor, dive into the history of the Provence Landing and the crucial battles of August 1944 that allowed Bormes les Mimosas to be liberated from the occupiers.

In front of you, contemporary history and the secrets of the presidents at Fort de Brégançon are revealed.

From the virtual to nature, there is only one step. The last station deciphers, in the tablet and in a naturalist exhibition, the panorama and the unique biodiversity that the museum offers once you step out onto the panoramic terrace.

Débarquement de Provence
Landing in Provence