A new work by Jean Peské at the MHAB

It was with great interest that the commune of Bormes les Mimosas accepted the donation, for inclusion in its Musée de France collection, of a work by the artist Jean Peské (1870-1949), as part of a proposal made by the Réseau Lalan association. This acquisition will enhance the “Musée de France” collection and, at the […]

Urban Sketcher LAPIN in artist residency at Bormes les Mimosas and MHAB

A busy schedule awaited urban sketcher LAPIN during his 15-day residency at Bormes les Mimosas.His graphic productions will give rise to a magnificent multi-faceted project in 2024. On the program for this residency (a first for the commune):Interviews with key figures,Discovery of emblematic sites,Strolls through enchanting gardens and typical alleywaysMeetings with Bormé residents and visitors. […]

Presidential furniture at the Fort de Brégançon

Fort de Brégançon: A national jewel, a local pride Standing on the shores of Bormes les Mimosas near the Cabasson district, the Fort de Brégançon has been the official residence of the French Presidents since 1968. Much more than a vacation residence, the Fort de Brégançon is a place of representation of power and the […]

THE MHAB TALKS TO YOU – Queen Victoria in Bormes

Perhaps you have already seen this information… King Charles III is being crowned today, this Saturday, May 6. Indeed, following the death of his mother Queen Elizabeth II on September 8, 2022, Prince Charles became King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the other Commonwealth realms at the age of […]